Venom Life




If you're looking to get into this hobby, there is a lot that you should consider beforehand. This hobby can easily cost you a lot of money, even your life if you're not safe. I can't stress enough the training you should acquire prior to owning any venomous snakes.

"One is not exposed to danger who, even when in safety is always on their guard."

This is a great quote I once read and I don't recall who exactly said it, but this is an amazing quote for all of us in the hobby. The reason I think this quote fits perfectly is because at some point we may get complacent, and that's when the accidents usually happen.

I'll list a few pieces of equipment that I consider mandatory.

  • Bite protocols
  • Snake hooks
  • Forceps / Hemostats
  • Tube set
  • Venomous approved transport container

Now, if you're dealing with spitting cobras, then I would add a face shield or safety goggles.

However, all in all you just need to make sure that you're well trained and prepared to do everything that you need to do. This goes along without saying that you need to know your limits.